N5513A FDA Approved electric wheelchair.
2019 Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair N5513A by INNUOVO
N5513 dimensiones
Full confort
Two 150W Motor powered
2019 Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair N5513A by INNUOVO
2019 Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair N5513A by INNUOVO
2019 Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair N5513A by INNUOVO

2019 Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair N5513A by INNUOVO

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INNUOVO presents the SAFEST, MOST RELIABLE Electric Powered Wheelchair with a collapsible design available in the market today.


The Innuovo model N5513A is a marvel of engineering design, aesthetics and superior mobility and comfort. Its frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum designed for a weight capacity of 265 lb, while keeping the device extremely lightweight (under 50 lb).

About the Innuovo Electric Wheelchair:

  • SAFE FOR TRAVEL. The Innuovo Electric Wheelchair is approved by the FDA* and can be used for air travel, meeting all FAA** requirements. 
  • A LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT device that folds to easily fit in the trunk of any regular sedan. The entire device, including batteries, weighs 50 lb.
  • EASY TO OPERATE with a simple joystick controller - it can be operated with one hand. The controller can be removed and placed on either side for left- or right-handed users.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS COMPONENTS, making it quiet and reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance. It is powered by 2 certified Lithium-Ion batteries, providing a 6.25-mile range and the highest energy density-to-weight ratio. The device is run by two brushless motors, commonly used in robotic applications. They are not only powerful, but quiet to operate and long-lasting, and have the highest weight-to-power-output ratio. 
  • STABLE AND RELIABLE electrical braking system that allows the user to come to a full stop within a 3-foot range. The anti-tipping wheels prevent the wheelchair from tipping over while moving on a slope. The front and back wheels are made of solid rubber, making it virtually impossible to get a flat tire. The Shock Absorber provides smooth riding on uneven surfaces. 
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY to give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind. To protect your investment, we have included a 5-year warranty on the device and a 6 month warranty on the batteries. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are here to serve you.
All N5513A accessories are compatible with the Forcemech Voyager R2 Power Wheelchair (yellow version). 






    The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) certifies this wheelchair model as a Medical Device. ** The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides guidance when traveling with powered wheelchairs. Please read the guidelines on how to Pack Safe when traveling with Wheelchairs and mobility devices with lithium ion batteries, collapsible designs, or batteries removed.




    from John Cerasuolo:

    "I am so happy with my Innuovo Electric Wheelchair. It arrived in perfect condition, and it was ready to go right out of the box (except for the time it needed to charge). The charging process was simple and didn't take very long.

    The chair turns in a much tighter space and doorways and hallways are no problem. The last electric chair I had didn't allow me to come right up to the table for meals. This one does. All in all very happy with this purchase."



    from Armando

    "I liked that it is light enough to carry around and folds quite well, which I was looking for. It was a little bit tricky to get it into the trunk of my car (a small size sedan) but was no big deal. Any other car bigger than that should have no problem. Overall, I think it's a great chair and helps my mother to move around."



    "This chair is made well, it’s sturdy and has good maneuverability. It has made it possible for me to attend more social functions, such as those in restaurants where riding through narrow spaces is required. The chair fits under tables once the control panel on the arm rest is lowered to the side."



    from Gary A. Holder:

    "I purchased this mobile wheelchair to use during an overseas trip, where the chair that I normally use was too heavy and bulky to use and transport. This mobile wheelchair was very easy to use and transport because it is lightweight and can be folded to fit in any vehicle. It was really a blessing to have and use during our trip."


    Technical details:

    Concept Value Unit
    Overall Dimensions 35.4 x 23.6 x 34.6 in
    Seat Height 19.7 in
    Seat Width 15.7 in
    Seat Depth 16.1 in
    Arm Height 8.3 in
    Seatback Height 16.5 in
    Battery Weight 3.1 lb
    Wheelchair Weight without battery 43.6 lb
    Maximum Speed 3 mph
    Breaking Distance < 3.3 in
    Minimum Turning Radius 35.4 in
    Manufacturer's Recommended Weight Capacity 220 lb
    Maximum Weight Capacity 265 lb
    Theorical Travel Range 6.2 Miles
    Static Stability >= 6 degrees
    Dynamic Stability >= 3 degrees
    Slope Performance >= 6 degrees
    Climing Ability >=  3 degrees
    Number of Motors 2
    Motor Voltage 24 V
    Motor Power 200 W
    Number of batteries 2
    Lithium Battery Voltage 24 V
    Lithium Battery Energy Capacity 6.6 Ah
    Max Output Current of Controller 35 A
    Max Output Current of Charger 2 A
    Front Wheel Solid Tire Outside Diameter  7 in
    Rear Wheel Solid Tire Outside Diameter  8.5 in