How far will it go on a single charge?

The travel range for a single battery (full charge) is 6.25 miles.
The wheelchair can carry 2 lithium batteries, this is 12.5miles when the 2 batteries are fully charged.

What is the maximum path inclination this chair can climb? 

6 degrees, which is the national standard in the United States.

Does the controller comes for lefties (left-handed)?

Yes, it is your choice, the controller (joystick) can be placed either for left or right handed, on the armrest.

Is the wheelchair airplane-travel safe? 

Yes, it is safe to travel by airplane with your wheelchair. Please pay attention to the following guidelines by the FAA: 
Lithium-ion batteries must be removed and carried in carry-on baggage only.
It is allowed to bring the wheelchair in the cabin, but airlines may not be able to accommodate the folded-up wheelchair/device in the passenger cabin. In that case, the device with batteries removed may travel as checked baggage.
The batteries are 2 packs of 160 Wh Lithium-ion, which is the hard limit allowed by the FAA. It is possible to bring the 2 battery packs.
For more information, please refer to the FAA.gov website.

Do you have any warranty for the wheelchair? 

Yes, we have Warranty in the following:
  1. Main body wheelchair - 5 years warranty   
  2. Controller - 12 months warranty   
  3. Lithium battery - 6 months warranty 

Are the batteries included?  

Yes, 2 high performance lithium batteries are included in the package.

How do you charge the batteries? 

To charge the batteries you have two options: 
  • plug it in through the port on the chair's controller
  • or directly into the battery port.

Does the wheelchair come assembled? 

Yes, it comes fully assembled.

What is the maximum speed? 

The maximum speed is 2.8 mph.

What is the maximum weight that resist/holds? 

The maximum weight recommended is 265 lb. We recommend not to exceed the manufacturer´s specifications.

What is the battery power and how much is in the wheelchair? 

The power of battery is 200 W and a wheelchair has 2 motors, total power is 400 W, and the Motor´s Voltage is 24V.

What is the size of the wheelchair? 

The wheelchair dimensions are the following:

  • Overall Dimensions: 35.4 inches x 23.6 Inches x 34.6 inches  
  • Seat size: Height 19.7 inches / Width 15.7 inches  
  • Arm Height: 8.3 inches. 
  • Seatback Height: 16.5 inches  

What are your payment Methods?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ...) Paypal.



Where are your items shipped from?

Orders are shipped from Amazon's warehouses across the United States.

How long do I wait until my order in sent out?

Due to the restriction of shipping products with Lithium Ion batteries, our current options are only ground shipping (UPS Ground or Fedex Ground). The estimate is from 3-5 business days depending on the location.