EW13 Model by Elite Wheelchair

Elite Wheelchair EW13A

Use your FSA / HSA Medical card to buy your electric wheelchair.

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"I am so happy with my Innuovo Electric Wheelchair. It arrived in perfect condition, and it was ready to go right out of the box (except for the time it needed to charge). The charging process was simple and didn't take very long.

The chair turns in a much tighter space and doorways and hallways are no problem. The last electric chair I had didn't allow me to come right up to the table for meals. This one does. All in all very happy with this purchase."

-John Cerasuolo.


"I liked that it is light enough to carry around and folds quite well, which I was looking for. It was a little bit tricky to get it into the trunk of my car (a small size sedan) but was no big deal. Any other car bigger than that should have no problem. Overall, I think it's a great chair and helps my mother to move around."



"This chair is made well, it’s sturdy and has good maneuverability. It has made it possible for me to attend more social functions, such as those in restaurants where riding through narrow spaces is required. The chair fits under tables once the control panel on the arm rest is lowered to the side."