W5521 Electric powered wheelchair by Innuovo
W5521 Electric powered wheelchair
W5521 Rear view of Electric powered wheelchair
W5521 Standing and folded chair
W5521 Controller
W5521 Damping system.
W5521 Anti tipper wheels system
W5521 Physical size in inches
W5521 Easy to put inside the trunk of the car.

Innuovo Foldable Electric Power Wheelchair, Heavy Duty, Adjustable Speed for Outdoors or Indoors, Tall Backrest, Wide Seat, Fits any Car Trunk, Safe for Air Travel, Cover Bag Included, W5521 Silver

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The MOST MANAGEABLE AND CONVENIENT electric wheelchair available on the market today. A quick, improved folding mechanism makes this the most portable wheelchair out there.

IDEAL FOR OUTDOORS. With its strong, robust frame, this wheelchair is perfect for using both inside and outside. It’s stability is top-class because of its larger back tires.

CERTIFIED FOR AIR TRAVEL - The wheelchair is FDA certified, and complies with FAA regulations. Travelling is easy, since the entire device, including the battery weighs less than 68 lb.

EFFORTLESS STEERING with a simple joystick design. The controller can be attached on the right or left-hand side of the wheelchair armrest, so it is comfortable for both right and left-handed users.

AN EXTENDED WARRANTY to give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind. To protect your investment, we have included a 5-year warranty on the device and 6-month warranty on the battery. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are here to serve you.

About the Product:

This is the MOST MANAGEABLE & CONVENIENT Electric-powered wheelchair on the market today. The Innuovo Electric Powered Wheelchair, Model W5521’s folding mechanism has been improved from previous generations. To fold it, just release the lock and push to collapse the chair. It easily fits in your car, even the trunk of a regular Sedan!

The W5521 has large back tires and is more robust. This makes it more stable than most wheelchairs, which is why it’s ideal for using both indoors and outdoors. It’s perfect for seniors and the elderly. 


- Wheels made of solid rubber, making it virtually impossible to get a flat tire.

- Electric braking brings the wheelchair to a full stop within a 3-foot range.

- The wheelchair is FDA certified, and complies with FAA regulations, making it safe to travel by air with your wheelchair.

- The electric remote or controller (joystick), which can be placed on either armrest.

- A comfortable 16-inch seat.

- One battery included. Additional batteries sold separately.

- More powerful motors, faster travel.


from Abraham Martin:

Grandma approved!

"I bought this chair for my grandmother and she loves it! She feels comfortable on it and rolls quite well.

It folds with ease in a single movement, much simpler than any other models we have tried. Before this one, she had a heavy wheelchair that was just so hard to transport. Now we just fold it up and put it in the trunk."


Technical Details:

Concept Value Unit
Overall Dimensions 42.9 X 24.4 X 40.2 in
Seat Height 19.7 in
Seat Width 16.9 in
Seat Depth 16.5 in
Arm Height 9.4 in
Seatback Height 21.3 in
Battery Weight 4 lb
Wheelchair Weight without battery 63.8 lb
Maximum Speed 3.7 mph
Braking Distance < 59 in
Minimum Turning Radius 47.2 in
Manufacturer's Recommended Weight Capacity 265 lb
Maximum Weight Capacity 330 lb
Theoretical Travel Range 6.25 Miles
Static Stability >= 9 degrees
Dynamic Stability >= 6 degrees
Slope Performance >= 9 degrees
Climbing Ability >= 6 degrees
Number of Motors 2  
Motor Voltage 24 V
Motor Power 200 W
Number of batteries 1  
Lithium Battery Voltage 24 V
Lithium Battery Energy Capacity 10 Ah
Max Output Current of Controller 50 A
Max Output Current of Charger 2 A
Front Wheel Solid Tire Outside Diameter 7.9 in
Rear Wheel Solid Tire Outside Diameter 11.8 in