Electric Powered Wheelchair Model W5517 Silver. REFURBISHED.
Electric Powered Wheelchair Model W5517 Silver. REFURBISHED.
Electric Powered Wheelchair Model W5517 Silver. REFURBISHED.

Electric Powered Wheelchair Model W5517 Silver. REFURBISHED.

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Heavy Duty, Supports up to 330lb, Remote Control Easy Folding-Unfolding.

About the product:

  • THE MOST INNOVATIVE & ADVANCED electric wheelchair available on the market. The W5517 wheelchair can be folded and unfolded with a remote control. You don’t even have to touch it!
  • AN ADJUSTABLE wheelchair that caters to your needs and comfort. Its wide seat and adjustable backrest and armrests are designed to make your life hassle-free! In addition, its big wheels and robustness make it extremely stable, keeping you safe along the way.
  • A PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND CONVENIENT device that will easily fold into the trunk of a common Sedan. The entire device, including its batteries, weighs 63 lbs. Even so, its frame is so strong that it supports up to 330 lbs., the highest weight in its class. It is also EASY TO OPERATE with a simple joystick design. It can be operated with either hand, and is now even easier to fold/unfold with a simple click of a button.
  • THE BEST-IN-CLASS COMPONENTS make it quiet and reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance. It is powered by two certified Lithium-Ion batteries, providing a 12.5-mile range, and the highest energy density-to-weight ratio. The device is run by two brushless motors, commonly used in robotic applications. They are not only powerful, but quiet to operate and long-lasting, and have the highest weight-to-power-output ratio.
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY to give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind. To protect your investment, we have included a 5-year warranty on the device and 6-month warranty on the battery. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are here to serve you.


    Innuovo and Elite Wheelchair present their most INNOVATIVE and ADVANCED wheelchair yet!

    This electric wheelchair is made to make your experience effortless. Its remote control folding mechanism will fold/unfold your wheelchair in 10-15 seconds. Press a button, and voila, your wheelchair is ready to be put away or packed in the trunk of your car, even a common-sized Sedan!

    The Model W5517 is designed to be very comfortable. It has a wide seat and adjustable backrest and armrests! In this wheelchair, you’ll sit back and relax as you run errands, visit neighbors or just enjoy the fresh air.

    We are proud to offer the very best–in-class safety features. All its wheels are made of solid rubber, making it almost impossible to get a flat tire. Electric braking stops the wheelchair within a 3-foot range.

    It is also FDA certified, making it safe to travel by air with your wheelchair.

    Our Model W5517 has large back tires and is robust. This makes it very stable, which is why it’s ideal for using both indoors and outdoors.

    The electric controller (joystick) can be placed on either armrest for right or left-handed people.

    Two batteries are included. Additional batteries are sold separately.

    REFURBISHED unit and 100% tested, Complete Warranty.

    Technical details:

    Concept Value Unit
    Overall Dimensions 39.4 X 24.8 X 36.6 in
    Seat Height
    Seat Width 17.8 in
    Seat Depth 17.7 in
    Arm Height 7.5 in
    Seatback Height 16.5 in
    Battery Weight 4 lb
    Wheelchair Weight without battery 59.4 lb
    Maximum Speed 3.75 mph
    Breaking Distance < 59 in
    Minimum Turning Radius 47.2 in
    Weight Capacity 330 lb
    Theorical Travel Range 12.5 Miles
    Static Stability >= 9 degrees
    Dynamic Stability >= 6 degrees
    Slope Performance >= 9 degrees
    Climing Ability >= 6 degrees
    Number of Motors 2
    Motor Voltage 24 V
    Motor Power 200 W
    Number of batteries 2
    Lithium Battery Voltage 24 V
    Lithium Battery Energy Capacity 10 Ah
    Max Output Current of Controller 35 A
    Max Output Current of Charger 2 A
    Front Wheel Solid Tire Outside Diameter 7.9 in
    Rear Wheel Solid Tire Outside Diameter 11.8 in
    Frame color: Silver - - -